Gran Protectorate
Resistance Forces
GPRF Broadcasts - The Voice of Freedom
Sir Io Toda, K.R.
Current News:
Arming Initiative

Date: Year 11 Day 231

Greetings honorable Gran of the galaxy.

It is my great pleasure to announce the Gran Protectorate Arming Initiative. As you may be aware, the implementation of creature combat is set to arrive at the next sync. This is an important step towards the introduction of PvP ground combat. In celebration of this momentous occasion, the Gran Protectorate Resistance Forces are opening the armories and offering free military supply drops to any reputable Gran character who is without personal protection.
If you already own a weapon, please do not respond. However, if you are currently unarmed: all you need to do is send a DM to Io Toda claiming that you are in need of armament, and on which planet you would like a weapon to be dropped. In a few weeks, a weapon will be made-over to you for pickup on the surface of your chosen planet.
Gentlemen, from all of us in the GPRF, happy hunting!