Gran Protectorate
Resistance Forces
Resistance Forces
Diplomatic Status Dossier

The following factions are considered by the resistance either to be in harmony with it's own political views, or unopposed to GPRF goals. As such, the following factions will have immunity to GPRF attack unless they are observed to be operating in support of a GPRF target:

*Ailon Nova Guard
*Corellian Transport Services
*Falleen Federation
*Falleen Naval Contracts
*Falleen Resource Contracts
*Galindas Exports
*Incom Corporation
*Industrial Automaton
*InterGalactic Banking Clan
*JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
*Kerdos Company
*Koros Spaceworks
*Merr-Sonn Technologies
*Minos-Mestra Munitions
*New Republic
*Noga-Ta Industries
*Rebel Alliance
*Republic Medical
*Rogue Squadron
*Smugglers Alliance
*The Jedi Order
*The Krath Dynasty
*The Pentastar Alignment
*Tresario Medical Conservatory
*Tresario Mining Authority
*Tresario Star Kingdom
*Triumvirate Coalition
*Ubrikkian Industries
*Uukaablian MedCorp

The next list of factions are considered by the resistance to be either responsible for the betrayal of the Galactic Senate, in support of those responsible, or otherwise opposed to GPRF goals. The following factions could be targeted by GPRF strikes at any time:

*Baktoid Armour Workshop
*Black Sun
*Centrepoint Mining
*Cloud City
*Commerce Guild
*Corellian Engineering Corporation
*Cutting Edge Clinic
*Dorinian Military Corps
*Endara Health
*Endara Mining Corporation
*Endara Reclaim Industries
*Galactic Empire
*Hapes Consortium
*Haven Corporation
*Imperial Resource Conversions
*Kuat Drive Yards
*Kuat Systems Engineering
*Magnaguard Manufacturing
*Myorzo Weapon Systems
*Nikklon Mining Incorporated
*Olanji Corporation
*Primus Medical
*Techno Union
*Trade Federation
*TransGalMeg Industries
*Vyzerod Mining

Those who wish to contact the Gran Protectorate must follow protocols at
The Symposium
or contact Io Toda through Darkness Message