Gran Protectorate
Resistance Forces

The Gran Protectorate is a proud organization with over 1,000 years of history as a member of the galactic community. Originally founded as a peasant militia charged with the defense of peaceful Gran colonists, the Protectorate was elevated to the planetary governor of Malastare by the Galactic Republic and continued to serve as the voice of the Gran in the Senate until the treachery of the Sith.

Still keeping to the principles and ideals of the Republic, the GPRF is committed to the restoration of Gran autonomy and the liberation of all species who live under the tyranny of the Sith.

The GPRF is a restorative insurgency, dedicated to the ideal of self-determination. By necessity this requires an end to the foreign occupation of Gran homeworlds, to be achieved either through diplomacy or military uprising. There will be no compromise, the Empire will be made to answer for it's betrayal of the Senate.

Long have the remnants of the Gran Protectorate been forced to exist in hiding, prohibited by force of arms from the goatgrass plains of their home. An impoverished rebellion, the Resistance Forces are currently undergoing reorganization through the directorship of the newly ascended commander, Sir Io Toda (LTC, ret.) of Kinyen. As Sir Toda brings the resistance into a brave new era, services will be restored and made available to factions who are in alignment with the Republic ideal. Services may include:

* Slabbing and facility construction contracts
* RM and entity transportation contracts, including secured transport
* RM prospecting contracts
* Item and vehicle production contracts
* Arrest and prisoner transportation contracts
* Regional security, reconnaissance and surveillance contracts
* Middle services
All are welcome to participate in the Gran Protectorate community at:
The Symposium